Worldwide Jet Charter Services by RockJet

Traveling can be a stressful experience for most people. From booking your flight, going into the airport, dealing with unexpected flight delays, and the like, traveling can be a hassle. What more during a worldwide pandemic? There are many things you have to consider when traveling in the "new normal". On top of the things you anticipate during traveling, you regard the safety of you and your air travel companions. Although traveling in the "new normal" seems daunting, it is possible through a jet charter service.

What are jet charter services?

When you typically book flights with an airline, you are buying a seat in the aircraft. On the other hand, when you're availing of a jet charter service, you get to rent the entire aircraft (in this case, a private jet) for your air travel needs.

Sounds expensive and complicated? It does not have to be with Rock Jets' Worldwide Charter Services.

Rock Jets' Worldwide Jet Charter Services

Flying international is made easy through Rock Jets. Experience private, first-class, personalized service for all of your air travel needs to anywhere in the world, even during the "new normal".

Travel stress-free

Rock Jets allows you to travel with convenience by helping you with your arrangements. From catering, transportation, and other special air travel requests, Rock Jets' personal service and expertise take care of it.

Travel safely

Charter flights provide you and your group the safest option when traveling during the "new normal". Since our private jet charters are just for you and your group, you won't have to worry about huge crowds and being in contact with lots of people.

Travel the way you want to Choose your own aircraft

Rock Jets gives you the opportunity to choose the aircraft. You have access to a private jet charters network of Argus and Wyvern rated part 135 aircraft in all categories, from helicopters to turbo props, as well as, VLJ's, light jets, mid jets, super-mid jets, heavy jets, and airliners. All of our private jet charters uphold the highest standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You may contact us at our website to inquire about the specifications of every aircraft in our fleet.

Personalize your flight

Rock Jets ensures world-class travel by allowing you to customize your flight experience. Have any special requests? Consult with us today on how we can provide the best aviation solutions fit just for you.

Fly worldwide today

Let Rock Jets handle each and every one of your traveling needs. Flying international is made easy through Rock Jets' global charter service. Fly anywhere in the world effortlessly with Rock Jets. Request a quote and let our skilled professionals get in touch with you to arrange your own personalized, first-class experience with Rock Jets. Contact us today at 866-575-JETS (5387) or