RockJet | About Us

RockJet does not own or operate any aircraft, which enables us to recommend the best aircraft available. We take great pride in providing the best value by identifying the most appropriate aircraft for every mission. All operators utilized are FAA Part 121 operators required to adhere to stringent safety requirements. Providing the safest and most experienced aircraft and flight crews at the best rates is what sets RockJet apart from the rest.

Our Safety Standards

RockJet makes your well-being our priority. You can rest assured that all aircraft and flight operators utilized are regulated by rigorous FAA Part 121 guidelines. To show our commitment to passenger safety we select the best aircraft and flight operations based on respected aircraft auditing agencies. These organizations evaluate the aircraft, flight crew, maintenance crew and only recommend those that meet their stringent standards. In addition, RockJet qualifies each aircraft and operator based on the following criteria:

  • Equipment and crews Argus Gold and Platinum certified.
  • Incident-Free Safety Records
  • Maintenance Standards & Aircraft Record-keeping
  • Avionics & FAA Part 121 Compliance
  • Director of Maintenance Experience
  • Pilot Training & Qualifications
  • Aircraft Age & Maintenance History
  • Aircraft Paint/Interior Quality & Condition

As a RockJet's client, you fly knowing you are being taken care of by qualified pilots and the safest, most reliable operations in the industry.

David Precheur - Owner/Partner

With a penchant for music and a talent for developing new revenue streams within established businesses, David Precheur is an innovative entrepreneur with a proven track record of high-level successes. Precheur made an auspicious leap into the music business in 1988, when he took a job managing the rock band Blues Traveler. As the band's success mushroomed, Precheur augmented his role to become president and a partner of Traveler Empire, Inc., the band's corporate entity. For the next 12 years, Precheur oversaw concert and business operations worldwide for the multiplatinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning band.

In 1992, Precheur collaborated with the group to create "The H.O.R.D.E. Tour," a multiple-artist national summer tour that continued for eight years and grossed more than $50 million in revenue. As partner, board member, tour manager and top talent adviser of H.O.R.D.E., Precheur was instrumental in showcasing up-and-coming artists for audiences across the country - and jump-starting the careers of some of the biggest names in music today, including the Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Beck, Phish, The Smashing Pumpkins, Natalie Merchant and many others. With H.O.R.D.E., Precheur pioneered and helped create the now exploding music genre, Jambands.

Patrick Harris - Owner/Partner

For the past twenty plus years, Patrick has handled complex travel plans for high net worth families, industry titans, heads of state, production crews, sports & racing teams and more via his jet card company Velocity Jets.

Today, he's successfully managing Velocity Jets providing jet card memberships, ad hoc charters and implementing asap solutions for a longstanding base of discreet clientele. Additionally, the company prides itself on boutique customer service with its focus on safety.

Patrick also provides consulting services to FAA Part 135 operators, fixed base operators and aircraft owners around the world.

As a founding member of RockJet, Patrick brings his 20+ years of experience, executive aviation knowledge and familiarity with all required documentation to seamlessly complete any complex tour. With his extensive network and hands-on work ethic he is ready to create a world-class experience in all phases of your travel plans.