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10 Citation X Features to Rave About

Private Jet Services guarantee the best of the best. But how will you know which private jet to go for? There are many business jets that are being manufactured every year, but we highly recommend the Cessna Citation X. Why you ask? The Cessna Citation X is your go-to super-mid private jet that gets you to your preferred destination faster. This private aircraft can fly coast to coast up to 35 minutes more quickly than any aircraft, and is large enough to accommodate 8 passenger or up to 12 passengers excluding the pilot crew. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should pick the Cessna Citation X on your next flight to your desired destination.

  1. Avionics: Garmin g5000 avionics
  2. Engine 2x Rolls-Royce AE3007CR, Turbofan
  3. Power: 7,034 pound force
  4. Max Cruise Speed: 528 knots, 978 km/h
  5. Approach Speed: 85 knots
  6. Travel Range: 3,125 Nautical Miles
  7. Fuel Economy: 1.59 nautical mile/gallon, 0.778
  8. Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet
  9. Rate of Climb: 3650 feet/minute, 18.54 metre/second
  10. Take Off Distance: 1,567 metre - 5,141.09 feet

Here are a few more features that we thought might be great to take note of:

  1. Landing Distance: 832 metre - 2,729.63 feet
  2. Max Take Off Weight: 16, 375 kg, 36,100 lbs
  3. Max Landing Weight: 14,421 kg, 31,793 lbs
  4. Max Payload: 1,077 kg, 2,374 lbs
  5. Fuel Tank Capacity: 1,930 gallon, 7,306 litre
  6. Baggage Volume: 2.32 m3/82 ft 3
  7. Seats: 12 economy seats, 8 business class seats
  8. Cabin Height: 1.7 metre - 5.58 feet
  9. Cabin Width: 1.65 metre - 5.41 feet
  10. Cabin Length 7.67 metre - 25.16 feet

How to Book the Cessna Citation X

Booking a flight is easy and quite affordable too. Some might say that booking a flight with a private jet can be quite expensive, but if you take in consideration the comfort, speed and safety you get with a private jet, it is well worth it. But how do you look for the perfect private jet such as the Cessna Citation X and where can you book a flight to your next destination? We have your prayers answered. With Velocity Jets, you are well taken care of.

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